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It was Tuesday night in the land of Ooo and there was another party happening in the Candy Kingdom, held by Prince Gumball himself. Every resident in the Candy Kingdom was there, along with other associates to the Prince, including Lumpy Space Prince. Of course, Fionna and Cake were there as well and they were having a lively conversation as to what was happening in Ooo and what adventures the girl and cat went on as of late.

As the party kept on, a late guest arrived at the door and Gumball's loyal servant, Peppermint Maid, let him in. It was Marshall Lee the Vampire King. Marshall Lee and the Prince have had a rough relationship over the years, but ever since the vampire became friends with Fionna and Cake, the two slowly have been getting along again, especially after the incident with the Door Master.

Shortly after entering the castle, Marshall Lee flew up to the chatting Prince and human girl. "Hey, what's up?" he greeted unexpectedly.

"Oh, you finally made it Marshall," Prince Gumball said. "Welcome to the party!"

"Hey Marshall!" Fionna said, holding up a fist for a fistbump from Marshall, who returned the gesture, also giving one to Cake.

"Heya guys, sorry I'm late, had to wait until the sun was completely down,"

"No, that's perfectly fine Marshall, I understand," Gumball said with an understanding expression.

"So…got any snacks here? I'm pretty famished," Marshall Lee asked while rubbing his empty stomach.

"Right over there, all freshly baked," Gumball said, pointing to a long table with various baked goods.

"Ah cool be right back," Marshall Lee said, flying to the table. He quickly picked up a strawberry tart and sucked the red out of it before popping it into his mouth. Even without the red, the treat still maintained its delectable flavor. He did the same with a few more tarts and anything else with red in it. He grabbed a couple more before returning back to the others.

"Ok, back," the vampire said with his mouth full.

"Got enough snacks there honey?" Cake asked with an amused face while swishing her tail.

"Oh don't mind him, he's developed quite a sweet tooth for my snacks ever since we came to good terms," the Prince said with a chuckle.

"I haff…" Marshall swallowed his food before speaking clearly. " I have not!"

"Mmhm," Gumball said, rolling his eyes as the vampire stuffed another colorless tart in his mouth.

The four of them kept chatting until Prince Gumball left to tend to his other guests. Marshall Lee quickly flew back to the snack table, Fionna and Cake following to grab their own snacks. They just stood at the table and chatted some more about stuff, like Marshall Lee writing a new song. As they talked, the human girl and the cat had their fill of the baked good, but Marshall Lee kept on stuffing his face and sucking the color out of any of the red ones. The stuff that he had already eaten had caused his stomach to noticeably bulge. Fionna laughed before poking the vampire in his stomach as she said "You defiantly have a sweet tooth dude, you better not get sick!"

After swallowing a slice of cake, Marshall Lee spoke. "I don't have a sweet tooth…I just have a big appetite, and I'm still hungry," he said, shoving more food in his mouth.

Fionna just snickered, along with Cake. "Whatever man, why don't we go dance?"

"Ok," the vampire said, grabbing another treat before following the two.

They spent a good while dancing to some pretty catchy music, Prince Gumball eventually joining in with the group. Marshall Lee would leave and return every few minutes to eat some more snacks. Eventually, the snack table was getting pretty low, much to Marshall Lee's disappointment. But to his delight, Peppermint Maid restocked the table while he was away dancing again. He quickly flew back to indulge on the newly, laid out snacks, and he decided to stick around here for a while. Everything was just so irresistibly delicious, like always.

A while passed and the party was beginning to slow down. A lot of the guests left for home, including Fionna and Cake, who said their goodbyes to the Prince and Vampire King. Speaking of, Marshall Lee was now leaning against the now bare snack table, licking icing and crumbs off of his fingers. He let out a light belch before giving a content sigh. He placed a hand on his now extra swollen belly and rubbed contently as he licked any stray food off of his lips. He got off the table with a strain before heading out the door. He was grateful for his ability to fly; otherwise leaving would have been more difficult.

Prince Gumball was standing by the door wishing his departing guests farewell. When he saw the departing vampire's bloated state, he couldn't help but chuckle. "Well, I'm guessing you had a good time then Marshall?"

"Hm? Oh yeah, definitely," Marshall said, patting his taut belly as he let out a hiccup. He flushed in embarrassment.

As the vampire turned to leave again, Gumball spoke. "You know…I've got some leftover snacks in the royal kitchens, if you want any,"

This made Marshall Lee halt and spin to face the prince. "Oh really, I can have some?"

"Sure, I don't know what to do with the rest anyway. Unless you've had enough sweets for today…"

"No, I'm fine!" Marshall interrupted. "I still have room in here for more," he said, drumming his fingers on his belly.

"Ok then, the kitchen is this way, follow me…I swear, you have one strong sweet tooth…"

"I don't have a sweet tooth!"

"Sure, sure…" Prince Gumball said, opening the door to the kitchen. "The leftovers are over there, I'm going to clean up in here, so help yourself!" he said, putting on an apron so not to get too filthy while cleaning.

"Oh, I will…" Marshall mumbled, licking his lips in anticipation at the helpless, leftover snacks.

After quite a while, a majority of the leftover sweets ended up in the vampire's belly. His belly was straining against his button up t-shirt and it let out a protesting gurgle when one of the few remaining snacks was shoved in his mouth. After the last one was swallowed, Marshall Lee leaned his weight against the now empty counter, cleaning off his fingers and mouth with his tongue. He placed a hand at the curve of his swollen belly and sighed heavily, but he was quickly taken out of his dazed state when he heard one of his shirt buttons pop off and fly across the room. Marshall Lee quickly unbuttoned the rest of his shirt so not to lose anymore buttons and struggled to look for the missing button. As soon as he found it, Prince Gumball came into the area, his apron wet from soap and water.

"Marshall, what was that…oh…" Gumball immediately stopped speaking when he caught the sight of Marshall Lee's exposed, bloated belly, which was quickly covered up by the vampire.

"Uh…a button on my shirt popped off…" Marshall Lee said, holding up the stray button.

"I see," Gumball said, taking the button. "Well not to worry, I can get Peppermint Maid to fix it for you!"

"Ok…" Marshall Lee then flinched when his belly let out a rather noisy gurgle.

"Hm, you're welcome to stay for the night as well Marshall, your tummy doesn't sound too happy and it would be best to rest here and not strain yourself going home," The Prince said, patting the vampire's belly.

"But I'm fi-oooh…" Marshall Lee was finally beginning to feel the effects of overindulging on sweets all night, groaning along with his achy belly.

"Well that settles that, you're not going anywhere tonight,"


Later, Marshall Lee ended up in Prince Gumball's room, resting on his pink bed. He ended up borrowing a t-shirt until his got fixed, but this shirt was a little tight around his swollen tummy, so he had to lift it up to give himself room. Both his hands rubbed his stuffed, gurgling belly, trying to relieve the pain that it was in. A knock on the door slightly startled the vampire, and calmed down to see that it was just Peppermint Maid.

"Hello Marshall Lee, how are you?" she asked through the crack of the door.

"I'm fine, a little better I guess,"

"Ah that's good, because I thought I'd fix you something to make you comfortable,"

As soon as Peppermint Maid walked in, what she was holding made Marshall Lee blanch more than he possibly could. She was carrying a tray with a sizable slice of cherry pie with a generous dollop of whipped cream and a bowl of fresh strawberries on the side. She placed it on the bedside table next to the stuffed vampire.

"Uh…thank you…"

"You're very welcome sir, let me know if you would like anything else!"

"No, I think I'm fine,"

"As you wish,"

After Peppermint Maid left the room, he stared at the tray of food. The smell of the pie was so tantalizing and made his mouth water. He licked his lips, imagining the taste of it on his tongue. Marshall Lee quickly shook his head, snapping out of his trance. "I shouldn't…I'm already beyond stuffed…" he said, rubbing his belly. He was trying so hard to ignore the tray, but the smell of it, and the thought of the taste…it was beginning to overpower him. He took a glance at it, as well as the fat, juicy looking strawberries in the bowl…and he was long gone, he couldn't take it anymore. He quickly grabbed the plate of pie and sucked the red out of it first before messily indulging on it, moaning at the delicious flavor. After the slice was consumed, the bowl of strawberries was given the same treatment.

After swallowing the last strawberry, Marshall Lee heard his belly let out a monstrous gurgle, showing that it wasn't happy about the extra snack, and it was beginning to hurt more. "Oooh…I shouldn't have done that…" he groaned, grasping his aching tummy. "Why am I such a glutton?"

"Hey Marshall!" Prince Gumball called as he entered the bedroom in his pajamas, such perfect timing. "Are you feeling any better?"

Marshall Lee simply shook his head "No" as he leaned back further into the soft bed.

Concerned, Gumball walked up to the bed then stopped when he saw the empty tray next to it. "Oh dear, Peppermint Maid brought you a snack, didn't she?"


"And even though you already had a tummy ache, you ate it anyway…"

"I…I couldn't help it, it smelled so good and…what's that look for?" Marshall demanded with a scowl.

"Oh nothing…" Gumball said with a laugh as he sat down on the bed. He reached over to rub the vampire's distressed stomach. "I swear, I don't know what I'm going to do with you and that sweet tooth of yours,"

"I don't…have a sweet tooth…" Marshall Lee said with a yawn in between.

"Come on now, don't deny it. If you didn't have one, you wouldn't be in this situation,"

"Mmmph, whatever man…" the vampire's eyes were beginning to close at the Prince's light tummy rub.

"So…are you better now?"

Marshall Lee just nodded with a smile while his eyes stayed closed. As Gumball removed his hand, Marshall Lee's replaced it. The Prince couldn't help but laugh again as he decided to lay next to the Vampire King to sleep. He was going to move him to the guest room, but he decide that this was much better.
Oh my gooooooood, this ended up being five pages long! :faint:

Alrighty, this this was spawned by some drawings that :iconsquidbiscuit: showed me on her tumblr. I've been wanting to write a Marshall Lee kink fic for a little while and one of the sketches instantly got this thing brewing in my head and it wouldn't leave me alone~

I rather liked how it turned out, for my first Adventure Time fanfic. :)
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AvocadoAfro Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2015  Hobbyist Artist
:love: :D :love: :D :love: :D
I want to rub his belly~! :blush:
I never would have shipped Marshal Lee and Prince Gumball together until now. I wanna draw it, but I know someone beat me to it...
deviishangels304179 Featured By Owner Sep 6, 2015
ad i think karkat agrees hehe
AliciaParkersons Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2013
Ohmyglob I can't stop laughing/smiling like an idiot. This was absotively posilutely adorabloodthirsty! Marshall Lee was acting like me whenever there's a bunch of sweets in my house.
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I just love Marshall~ :iconmarshalleeplz:
CannedMish Featured By Owner Sep 29, 2012
I love this!

It just seems kinda weird how everyone is referring to him as Marshall in the story instead of Marshal Lee. I mean, Finn always refers to Marceline as Marceline, and sometimes just Marcy.

But whatevs, you did a great job on this.
JagkKills Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2012  Hobbyist Photographer
I absolutely ADORED this!! :D <3
Night-SnowLeopard Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2012
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JagkKills Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2012  Hobbyist Photographer
I absolutely ADORED this!! :D <3
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you should write another!
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Squidy gets a lot of people's creativity going. :D
This is soooo cute :heart: Marshal Lee~
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Awww! What a cute story!

Sometime close to the end, I was expecting Marshal to puke. :XD:
InkBottleInc Featured By Owner Oct 15, 2011  Hobbyist Filmographer
Deny it all you want Marshall, you DO have a sweet-tooth! XD
Night-SnowLeopard Featured By Owner Oct 23, 2011
Heheh, yes indeed~
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This was a very awesome read! ^^
Night-SnowLeopard Featured By Owner Oct 23, 2011
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The crap I find through dA links and what not :U..
This was an amazing read, i think that PG and ML are just the cutest pairing ever! <3
Night-SnowLeopard Featured By Owner Oct 11, 2011
Aw thank you! And yes, they make quite an adorable couple~
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Night-SnowLeopard Featured By Owner Oct 5, 2011
Awww, you're very welcome, I'm so happy you liked it! :D
Squidbiscuit Featured By Owner Oct 5, 2011
I loved it! And I've assembled together all the Marshall Lee sketches (and couple new ones you haven't seen yet~) .....but I'm scared to post them for some reason OTL.
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